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AR On Smart Car Windows

Your car's windscreen may soon augment your view when driving.

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Apart from shielding us from flying insects and the elements, car windscreens are pretty much useless. However, that might soon change when car manufacturers start to implement augmented reality (AR) in their products.

In fact quite a number of car manufacturers have already started to experiment and implement AR into some of their car models. For example, Toyota has begun working on an approach that is an AR/photography hybrid that allows passengers to zoom in on something outside using the window as though you are viewing through the electronic viewfinder of a camera, thus making traveling far more interesting.

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

As for Mercedes-Benz, the brand's F 015 concept car points to what's possibly the future of car windows. In some modes, the F 015's lower door panels are transformed into virtual windows by displaying an image of what's outside the car through the use of an exterior camera. That mode can be augmented with AR graphics or the panel can revert to an normal display for media, communications, and/or navigation. 

The windowless plane concept from the Centre for Process Innovation hints at what we can expect from a car manufacturer such as Mercedes-Benz in the future.

And of course, the already ubiquitously found head up display (HUD). Although HUD has been around in a number of cars, it is still presented on windscreens as a tiny display. However, we'll soon see a change as the big automotive technology players such as Harman and Visteon are endeavoring to bring true AR to the windscreen so that navigation, your car's instrument cluster, infotainment, and communication are amalgamated with your driving view, thus reducing view of the road, reducing distractions when driving.

Credit: Harman

The future is indeed wide and clear.

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