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Drinking Up to Eight Cups of Coffee a Day Could Help You Live Longer

For those of you who love coffee, here's some good news! According to a new UK-based study that was published on JAMA Internal Medicine, that extra cup of coffee you've just finished sipping could help you live longer.

Researchers have discovered that people who drink between one to eight cups of coffee per day may have a lower chance of dying earlier than expected, regardless of whether they have the ability to metabolise caffeine well.

So how did they come to this conclusion? To start it off, the research team from the United Kingdom’s National Cancer Institute analysed the UK Biobank's data of some 500,000 people (87 per cent of whom were coffee drinkers).

Those who took part in the survey answered questions about their coffee drinking, smoking habits, and medical history, among other things. Over a 10 year period, an inverse relationship between coffee drinking and the risk of early death was recorded, with coffee drinkers of all levels being 10 to 15 per cent less likely to die earlier than those who didn’t drink coffee.

A similar study that was conducted last year by the European Society of Cardiology suggested that those who consumed up to four cups of coffee a day are 64 per cent less likely to die early than those who hardly drank any. With every two additional cups of coffee, the odds of one having an extended life span improved by 22 per cent.

However, as great sounding this piece of news might be, we would like to advise our readers to exercise some moderation, as it is always prudent to do so. We are not recommending that you take eight cups of coffee a day, but to have at least a cup or two a day wouldn't hurt; especially when it is made by our very own Cars and Coffee barista here at our sales gallery.

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