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Lego Launches James Bond's Classic Aston Martin DB5

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

For fans of James Bond and Aston Martin, the spy's classic DB5 is now available to buy in Lego form.

Credit: Lego

A detailed inspection of the kit reveals an impressive amount of attention to detail on this model kit, such as rotating number plates on the front, just like the real vehicle in the 1964 Bond flick Goldfinger.

According to Lego, the Creator Expert pack has been designed to "provide a challenging and rewarding building experience" for fans of the building blocks. Other authentic touches include an ejector seat, a radar tracker piece, a bulletproof shield, front-facing machine guns and more.

Credit: Lego

All these customisations will be familiar to those who have watched the movie, and Lego has even included the rear tyre scythes fitted to the original car as seen in the image above. Pop the DB5's bonnet and you'll find a Lego version of the car's engine as well. The kit has been built to a scale of 1:8, and when finished is 10 cm high and 34 cm long. In total, the set includes 1,295 pieces – this is definitely a must buy display piece for car lovers.

The set retails for US$149.99 direct from the Lego website, but for the time being is only available to members of the Lego VIP loyalty programme. As yet Lego hasn't indicate when the set is going to go on general sale.

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