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Pirelli Creates a New Sound Experience

Pirelli Design has placed music into its tyres with an exclusive hi-fi system that resembles a half-scale version of F1 wheels that teams use during aerodynamic testing in wind tunnels. 

Credit: Pirelli Design

Pirelli will be working in tandem with Italy based audio system specialist Ixoost to produce the speakers. They feature a 100-watt digital signal processor, 3.9-inch midwoofer, and 1-inch tweeter. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity lets the speaker connect wirelessly to a variety of smartphones and other Bluetooh enabled audio devices. The speakers measure at 13-inches in diameter and a depth of 7.9-inches. The speakers are available in nine colours that match the look of the various F1 tyre compounds.

More information about the speakers can be found here.

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