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Reviewed: BMW 725d

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

If the new BMW 7 Series captures your attention, and you are at two minds on which variant to get, how about a 725d

When it comes to big luxury sedans, nothing comes close to being in seventh heaven than driving or sitting in a BMW 7 Series. Boasting greater efficiency, even more so in this diesel powered variant, and promising even more luxury than before, the BMW 7 Series is indeed THE luxury sedan of the moment.

But first the main focus of this car. This particular 7 Series, also known as the 725d (short-wheelbase) is the first-ever 7 Series in its range to be powered by a 2.0-litre turbo diesel power plant, something that’s normally seen only in BMW’s 3 and 5 Series range. The 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine has 231hp worth of power and 500 Nm worth of torque, which helps propel the 725d from standstill to 100 km/h in just a mere 6.9 seconds. More importantly is the fact that as a diesel powered car, the 725d has a fuel consumption rate of 26.1 km/l and a low average CO2 emission of just 122 g/km, making this a car that is not only able to perform but is friendly to the environment.

Design wise, the 725d being part of BMW’s sixth generation flagship luxury barge is longer, taller, lighter, and better equipped than before. Having learnt extensively from the use of carbon fibre in the manufacture of the i3 and i8 models; the 7 Series is the first in the brand’s mainstream range of vehicles to benefit from this know-how, as such although steel is still widely used throughout the car’s structure, carbon fibre reinforced plastic is employed to aid in strength enhancement and at the same time reduce weight.

As for overall appearance, the 725d just like the rest of its stable mates in the 7 Series range, sports the latest version of BMW’s iconic kidney grille and headlight design. And when viewed from the side, one can notice that the car’s shoulder line is sharper than ever, while tweaks to the rear contribute to the overall sleekness of the car. One point to note however is that although BMW has opted for a sleeker car silhouette, usable space has not been compromised, as evidenced by the lack of over dramatic design lines, with this comes the result of a car that offers excellent usable space, giving one the feeling of spaciousness.

Moving inside, one would immediately notice that the 7 Series is plusher than ever. With the generous use of high quality materials, as well as immaculate fit and finish, the 725d features an interior that is nothing short of magnificent, due to its judicious use of wood veneer, aluminum trim, and chrome accents. And that’s not all, for adding on to the car’s impressive repertoire is a well stocked equipment list that include the likes of the fifth generation iDrive system, wireless mobile phone charging pad, Nappa leather clad seats, power-adjustable steering column, touch screen controlled dual-zone automatic climate control for both the front and rear passengers, proximity key with push-button ignition, and more. All these coupled with the 7 Series range’s largesse in leg and head room as mentioned earlier for both the rear and front occupants makes the 725d a hard to refuse preposition.

On the move, this is where the 725d shines. With its turbocharged diesel engine offering amazing low-rev pulling power, this large luxury barge at any speed moves effortlessly. Steering this car is also a cinch, with the 725d offering a decent turning radius despite its size, and at the same time offer good stability and feedback at higher speeds. Couple with the car’s default auto setting, the 725d’s air suspension allows one to drive with nary a hint of discomfort, as the car takes all sorts of road surface irregularities in its stride. Passenger or driver, sitting in the 725d is an enjoyable experience. Of course like any other BMW, the 725d comes with dedicated Comfort and Sport modes, but it is the default auto setting that allows the car to seamlessly adapt to any driving style and road condition. In short, the 725d can be a mild mannered individual when required, or become amazingly agile due to spirited driving when the situation calls for it.

Although most people recognize the 7 Series as a car to be chauffeured in, the 725d due to its short-wheel base defies such expectations and is in fact a driver's car. With its frugal yet powerful engine and excellent manoeuvrability that promises an engaging drive, as well as genuine comfort and quality of build and the amount of bells and whistles offered both inside and outside of the car, the 725d is indeed a car that is hard to refuse.

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