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The Michelin Collectors' Store Opens

Store offers an unprecedented, exclusive array of Michelin collectibles.

Credit: Michelin

Since June, art lovers, design enthusiasts from all around the world, and people who simply appreciate fine objects have had a new reason to be delighted following the release of an inaugural series of reproductions of historic Michelin items, alongside new collectibles created by renowned artists, designers, and craftspeople.

These items are now available for purchase from the MICHELIN Collectors Store. Quite naturally, the centrepiece of this inaugural collection is the emblematic, internationally-known Michelin Man (aka Bibendum) – coined Best Logo of the Century in 2000 by a jury of professionals selected by the Financial Times. This icon was created 120 years ago and has become an integral part of Michelin’s history and identity.

Credit: Michelin

A group of experts brought together specifically to pinpoint the desires of Michelin’s fans has curated a series of some 40 items. These books, figurines, enamelled signs, screen prints, art prints, scale models and jewellery all play a part in Michelin’s great saga. Punctuating its long and eventful history, they reflect the values of this company founded in 1889, namely audacity, creativity, technical brilliance, and the spirit of adventure.

These high-end items, most of which are handmade in France in small workshops known for their high standards of quality and fine craftsmanship, have been produced in a very limited numbered series. Each piece comes with an information booklet of several pages that includes a visual of the piece, its source of inspiration and a description of its role in the Michelin saga. The documentation also provides an interview of the manufacturer or artist and a certificate of authenticity.

Credit: Michelin

This first-ever range of MICHELIN items is the result of more than two years of preparation and a collaboration between Michelin Lifestyle Limited (a Michelin subsidiary) and Media-Participations, a print publishing, film and TV production, and digital media group. The collection, created in response to the many requests received from connoisseurs of fine objects, is available from its own online store. New pieces will be added to the collection on a regular basis. All items in the MICHELIN collection can be viewed and purchased at the online shop: collectors.michelin.com with prices ranging from €19 to €825.

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