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Car Storage Facility


Your Trusted Car Storage


Cars and Coffee Singapore now offers a finest, secure and professional car storage facility for automotive enthusiasts to protect their investments. Backed by our professional team and 24-Hour High Security Indoor car storage facility, you can be assured of a professional, caring and discrete service for you and your car.

For more information, kindly contact

Angel at +65 9766 2341.



Generous Sized Storage


We have storage for up to 2,000 vehicles. A luxury hotel for your car with full concierge offered and space to grow for your car collections hobby.



24//7 On-Site Security


All vehicles are stored in fully alarmed buildings incorporating Red Alert to local police. Digital technology is ensured that quality images of all movements are captured, whatever the light conditions.

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Insurance Coverage 


All cars in our facility are insured for accidental damage, fire and theft whilst in our care.

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Vehicle Evaluation Condition Checklist 


We offer a range of different CarCare Maintenance Programmes designed to meet the specific requirements of your vehicle. Any problems identified during the regular maintenance will be reported to you quickly with recommendations for action required.

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Regular Cleaning & Grooming


Vehicles stored with us are regularly cleaned externally and internally and the bodywork and trim are visually inspected, leaving your car spotless inside and out and with the paint protected by a high wax finish.



Battery Trickle Charging 


A trickle charger is just one tool you can use to maintain your vehicle's battery life. Charging a fully charged battery at a rate equal to its self-discharge rate, thus enabling your car battery to remain at its fully charged level, ensuring Constant Power Supply To The Electronic Control Modules.



Temperature & Humidity Controlled Room


Our car storage facilities are equipped with the latest dehumidifiers to ensure that the whole storage building is kept at a Relative Humidity. This is crucial, as natural materials such as wood and leather can dry out excessively at the wrong humidity level, while rust can form on ferrous metals above this.



Personal Service



Professional & courteous staff offering our customers not only expertise but also a personal, bespoke and flexible service.

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Arrangements can be made for the transport of your car by specialised, covered transporter or insured driver.


Our clients include:

  • Supercar/vintage/classic car enthusiasts and collectors.

  • Racing drivers and motor sport enthusiasts.

  • People working and /or living overseas including many in the oil industry, diplomatic service and armed forces.

  • Those who simply wish for their car to be properly cared for.


Our storage facility is suitable for:

  • Both Left & Right Hand Drive Vehicles

  • Any Unregistered Vehicles From Overseas (including motorcycles)

  • Singapore Registered Vehicles (including motorcycles)




You are welcome to visit us and see the car storage facilities. For security reasons this is strictly by appointment only.


For more information, kindly contact Angel at +65 9766 2341.

Alternatively, you may also send us enquiry by filling up the form below.

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